I’m Rajashree Gopalakrishnan, an Independent graphic designer, illustrator and self-confessed  hoarder of stationary and all-things-pretty  I aspire to write a book someday, but for now I write silly rambles that I contrive to rhyme at my blog and illustrate my travel in journals or on my ipad  When I’m not road-tripping, you’ll find me in Bangalore with my dear husband and a dearer wardrobe full of coloured papers, pencils, markers and a drawer full of ribbons for quirky gift-wrapping  

Oh I almost forgot! I’m also the cloud-faced  illustrator who draws round faces and squiggly swirls under the name  Le Fluffy Side  & posts pictures of places, food, doors, windows, and tesselating patterns on her instagram  account rajashree.meYou might wanna check that out while I update this website!

I wish you could stay longer but, this is it folks! =)

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