Event Collaterals for Deloitte Australia
01. Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere

As many of you know, Australia celebrates Christmas in the summer. So, in the place of snowflakes and hot chocolate there is warm weather, beach and all things summer. That's why when designing a card for the Australians for the holiday season, it is bright and warm and full of summer time merriment!
On the left is an all things summer icon style greeting and on the right is a Christmas tree shaped watermelon, that shows both summer and Christmas in one frame.
02. State of the Nation

State of the Nation is an All Hands Meeting of sorts where the Partners in Australia speak about everything that has happened in the past year in the nation and the firm including weather and sports updates and plan for the coming year! This identity was created for the re-telecast of the event in India where we watch the AHM from Australia and then discuss how it affects us in India.
03. A cute and punny note to welcome back our Australian counter parts after the holidays.
*Tsk just in case you didn't get it, it is Koala-Tea-Time - Quality time and Welcome back! 
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