Marketing Flip Fitness trackers
Contrary to all the other wearables like the Smartwatches and the fitness trackers available today, Flip is a Wearable Fitness Tracker designed for your ear! 

Designed by Avantari Medical Technologies, the fitness tracker has a comfortable design along with an ultra compact appearance. The simple yet innovative fitness tracker with several built-in sensors help in tracking all the essentials such as the heart rate, respiration rate, step counting, analyzing the sleep, and it also contains pedometer, posture analyzer, calorie measured, and BMI calculator just from your ear.
The Brief

The brief was to create a flyer for an upcoming exhibition that the brand was participating in Melbourne. After some discussion, we decided that we could create three flyers that will be targeted at three different groups of fitness enthusiasts - The lifters who train with weights, the runners who primarily focus on cardio vascular exercises and the yogis who focus on breathing and meditation. ​​​​​​​
The initial concepts:
The Final Brochures

The final brochures were created with the intent of getting the audience to immediately resonate with the flyer, hence the use of images instead of illustrations/ iconography. 

Different geometric patterns were chosen that will denote each of the category. Hexagons for strength, triangles for cardio and circles for the mediator.
Flip fitness tracking for the Lifters
Flip fitness tracking for the runners
Flip fitness tracking for the yogi
Standees for the exhibition space
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