Meet the strangers, you know!
The Idea:

As a part of the New year's party, the heads of the Australian team at Deloitte Support Services, India decided to invite the spouses of their employees so that they can meet and get to know the colleagues of their partner. Basically, put a face to the name they've been hearing all year long, hopefully in good sense. :)
Hence the title "Meet the strangers you know!"
The initial idea was to add the text inside a silhouette and send two kinds of invites.
Sketch to print of the selected version.
The final card that was sent to the partners:

The circle is the ongoing visual style at Deloitte and it also went with the name of the venue, "over the moon" hence the texture of the black circle was created a little ruggedly and little starts and craters were added to give it the extra "space" feel!
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