Wall art for an
over-seas education,enabling service.

We Make Scholars, Hyderabad.
A brain child of Damini Mahajan & Arjun Krishna, We Make Scholars is an aggregator/ an enabler between students, universities and banks/loan providers. They help students discover and apply to thousands of International scholarships and get connected with the education loan lenders, making study abroad simpler than ever!

When Damini & Arjun initially reached out to "liven up" their office space, their brief was to make the space lively for their employees and at the same time, this space will be their statement for prospective collaborators i.e., Banks & Universities.
A typographic wall that was initially suggested for the "Employee facing side, which was later tweaked to the client's preference.
The project consists of two major walls, one which faces the conference room that the client's are seated in, and has to portray WMS in their best light, sort of a humble brag. The other wall faces the employees who take calls and integrate between banks and students and needs to motivate them and keep their spirits up, hence the clients wanted it to be filled with quotations.
The Humble brag wall, initial sketch. The bottom of the mural will have all the counties WMS has ties in, small illustration of their core competencies, there are also little frames with their achievements since inception and a quote from their mentor that they believe in.
Other than the two main walls, there is one grey wall with a long quote that goes, "We make.....", three pillars with hashtags in Hindi Khelo which means play, Kudo - jump and khao which means to eat. These were placed in either breakouts and the khao was placed in the cafeteria.
The humble brag piece's essence is "road to success" with an emphasis on the success of the founders of WMS while hinting on how they enable success for their clients. The final artwork was created on illustrator and a world map was created in the middle that will be projected behind the glass board, bringing the whole piece together.
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